Why Choose A Scout Safe?


  • Uni-Body Contruction

    The body of the safe is made from 11-14 gauge steel with a unibody construction. Unibody construction means the safe was made with a single sheet of steel as opposed to multiple pieces being welded together.

  • Fire Strip

    Our fire-resistant gun safe can withstand 1200F for 60 minutes. The door is also lined with a fire strip that expands to 10x its size. This defends the contents of the safe from being exposed to the hot air produced from a fire.

  • Reinforcement Brackets

    For added security, we’ve also included reinforcement brackets along the inside of the door jam to make pry attacks extremely difficult.

  • Bolt Work

    The safe is equipped with steel bolts that are one to one and a half inch in diameter, depending on model, to keep the safe door locked from attacks.

How to accept Delivery of your Scout Safe

Why Choose Scout Safe?

Why Choose Scout Safe?

With all the safes that are out on the market today, we know it’s tough for consumers to choose the right one. Purchasing a safe is great investment, whether you are protecting valuables against fire, theft, or even keeping firearms stored away from children.

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